Saturday, June 16, 2012

Up Close and Personal


Here are a few up close pictures my daughter took one day at the shop....she enjoys working there for me and I enjoy spending the day with my grandson in exchange!  It gives us both a nice change of scenery.


Now for the personal....I broke my darned four places! falling off a ladder.  Thought I was at the bottom, stepped back and did a two point landing on my rump and my thumb...the back side could take it but apparently the thumb couldn't!  Am bummed cuz it prevents me from doing as much as I'd like... the cast is at least a cute purple...thank goodness I'm right handed and it is my left hand!


Andy's Attic said...

OUCH!!! Fortunately you didn't break any huge bones. Although I can imagine the had hurts a lot
:>( Hope you are better soon!

Vintage Station said...

Actually I kept insisting it wasn't broken and went for 2 weeks before I even went to the doctor!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for speedy healing! I can certainly empathize with you because I broke a bone in the palm of my hand three years ago. It wasn't the worst injury in the world, and it didn't take long to heal, but it was certainly inconveniencing to me. But I'm rightie, and it was my left hand, so it could have been worse, like you said.

All the best to you, dear!

--An occasional customer of your store