Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Boo to you!!

If It's Halloween, Can Christmas Be Far Behind?

I have always cringed when stores bring Christmas in before Thanksgiving.  Now, being a shop owner, I do understand the rush.  Christmas is what provides most small businesses enough funds to survive the rest of the year.  Although Christmas isn't in the shop yet it won't be too far off.

The new Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine is in the shop now.  It is gorgeous!  Makes me want to sprinkle snow outside the is your sneak preview.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Repeat After Me...I Will Not Hoard

Okay, so, I am going to start purging the hoard.  I am truly getting buried in stuff and with Christmas coming it is starting to bother even me!  So I will be bring more things in to the shop in the coming weeks.  Until then, I am starting to fill up our Etsy shop.  You can view our items by clicking here.

As I list I am researching and finding out lots of interesting details about things we have in the shop.  For instance, the artist who created this worked for the Saturday Evening Post.  How cute is this little puppy?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn French Nordic Design

The new issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living is here. Such wonderful fall pictures that you almost forget about summer waning! Here is a sampling of what "Nordic French" design is all about.

And on a side note, I just got back from the annual trip to Reno with my sisters. It has been a family tradition for over 20 years and now includes nieces and friends...but only the girls.  I come from a family with gambling fever in our blood.  We used to have large family reunions with out of town relations since lots of cheap airfares were available to Reno from lots of towns.  One of my best memories of those days is of my dad at the blackjack table with a big grin on his face cracking up the whole table with his jokes.  I play everything but I love craps the most.  Anyway, needless to say I will return next year to visit some of my money!  It's back to the ole grindstone for me now. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vintage Halloween Memories

I have such wonderful memories of Halloween in the 1960s.  We used to drag out the trunk of dress up clothes.  It was full of antique bits and pieces of apparel smelling a little of moth balls. I was always a gypsy, my brother was a lady (pretty cute with a butch haircut and converse shoes).   We would be out for hours, it seemed, with our pillowcases of nickle candy bars.  I guess that's why  I love the vintage Halloween decor so much.