Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home for the Holidays?

What home for the holidays might look like if we had our way:

There might be room at the table for everyone! And get a load of those legs! All that for only $125.00.

Pretty and relaxing with a little bit of color and a lot of comfort thrown in!

Great reading material and a little birdie to watch over you!

Enough room to store all the great gifts, mittens, boots, school
books, bags, and junque with a chalkboard finish so you can
identify the contents.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold weather is coming sooner than later!

We have a collection of vintage skis and a lot of decor for that hunkered down cabin look: antlers, snow bunnies, geese who don't fly, sleds, Pendleton pillows and baskets for your wood. Among other things we also have brought in a large selection of vintage buttons, lace, books, and the Christmas is filling the shop too! We almost couldn't figure out where to put the Christmas but it is all finding a place. On Friday and Saturday our supply of table top trees are arriving. Can't wait to display with them!! They are beautiful and very different. We'll keep you posted and put some pictures on the blog to entice you to come on in.