Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Friday-Saturday Opening

Fall is on the way and with that comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and then the big one, Christmas. We have started to stock the Halloween merchandise. I need to dig around in my big mess of a storage room to find the vintage Halloween. Do have some cute old witches' and warlock's hats that I got at a neat sale several years ago. Also I have some vintage Halloween costumes that I'll have to dig out too! We also stocked some really neat ribbons that we got at the gift show. Cute brown and pink stripes, black and white checks, all vintage looking. I'll post some pictures tomorrow of the stuff but just wanted to get this done before the weekend so you could check us out! We will be open Friday and Saturday this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Put on your skates and come on down!

Again we will be open Friday and Saturday this week. The chicks, ducks and crows are all excited to see you! I'm bringing in my lovely button collection for your fall crafting and more books to nestle down next to the fire with and Sonya has lots of great ideas for decorating and crafting. Don't forget to visit the Saturday farmer's market downtown to see what yummy goods are available and then swing on down to visit us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Open This Friday and Saturday

We are adding more and more every day. This week we are open both Friday and Saturday to get a few more things done. The word is getting out because we are getting a lot of return visitors, more blog hits and lots of new folks coming in to the shop. They are finding out about us from their friends and our helper, Todd the Man, who passes out flyers to all the businesses in Gresham as well as at the Gresham Saturday Market. We are living the life!! Following our bliss!!