Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some Milk Painted Furniture and More

Sonya has been busy playing with the milk paint which we have started carrying. She is going to do a blog post about her experiences with it and how to use all the different applications we have available...from crackle to waxes.

Recently we have gotten several clocks in the shop...I have tried my hand at painting an old coockoo clock but we also have some beautiful kitchen clocks from the turn of the century with the natural carved wood.

We even are "itching" to try milk paint on the fabric of this settee. The fabric doesn't really go with the period of the wood frame so what's to lose? If all else fails, we can recover it....stay tuned on this one!
Check out these darling dishes!

Currently we have a couple of workbenches....they are great for kitchens and craft rooms or, if you have a big enough space, in the dining room.

We even have a few beautiful vintage dresses,