Friday, December 24, 2010

Favorites of Christmas 2010

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from Christmas 2010 to share:

Sonya created the darling snow people using vintage bottles, Christmas ornaments, pearls and lots of glitter.

Ican't get enough of vintage ornaments...

The santos is beautiful on our metal topped farm table...we also get so many compliments on the clock even though it is a new repro!

We're not looking forward to putting Christmas away this year. We really enjoyed it!

And last is a wonderful nativity set I sold this year. I hated to sell it (this is the hoarder in me talking) but what on earth would I do with all eleven life sized pieces. Country Living Magazine has featured the set twice in the last three years...I bought it at an estate sale years ago and has been in the rafters of my garage since! It included Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, ahepherds, all three kings, donkey, sheep, cow, camel and all life sized!!! Yikes...the guy who bought it loves it and I am glad it went to a good home.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crafting a Great Christmas

You have got to see how cute the store is decorated for Christmas!  We totally redid the front windows which is quite a chore...much harder than it looks.  We fuss and discuss colors, heights of the displays and every little minutia before we are happy with how it looks.  We are always so proud of ourselves when the project is done but then the shop is trashed!!  We do one area and then the next looks tired and sad so we move on to the next. By the time we think we are done, it's time to start all over again!  Here's from the outside looking in....

And then here are a few from the inside...

Here are some neat pictures we recently brought into the shop...Great Christmas gift ideas, huh??

We have a couple of  new products in the store that have become very popular. One is German glass glitter and the other are walnut crystals.  The fun thing about the glass glitter is that one side of the glass is actual silver so it will tarnish with time to give your projects an antique look. Two and a half ounces are only $4.95 and great to use if you like to do scrap booking or crafting.  Use it as you would any other glitter but on exposure to the air it will tarnish (that's a good thing as Martha would say!).  Here are pictures of Sonya's projects that she has used the glitter on:

The other item are the walnut crystals.  A little bit goes a long way.  In fact, a package for $5.95 is a "Costco" amount that should last you close to a lifetime.  They are what we use to make our tags have the "aged look".

So there is a lot happening at the shop and we certainly enjoy fixing it up for you!  Do drop in and check it all out!  We guarantee it will put you in the holiday spirit!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Piles and Piles and Piles of Christmas

So, I have a basement from hell that is full of vintage stuff...especially Christmas! My friends all beg to go down there but it looks like one of those places on "Hoarders"!! I'm so embarrassed but not enough to spend quality time cleaning it up.  Maybe someday.... Anyway, I have taken at least 10 plastic containers of Christmas to the shop and Monticello. (Monticello's Christmas Show is coming up and we are in it! Check it out here )  Then you too can get a small glimpse of my basement!  Yes, I have about 10 more boxes of vintage Christmas down there but unfortunately it isn't in's in piles and piles and piles.  It's my way of creating more expensive Christmas stuff because I'm always tripping over stuff and breaking it..hence it becomes more collectible since there is now less of it after I trip on some.

Sonya has been busy creating beautiful things for the show.  Her famous tissue pom-poms and our signage are two of her latest creations.

She also framed this sweet picture of sheep inside a Model T Ford part.  Quite original and a true one of a kind.

Did I mention I have a "few" nativity pieces...for some reason I have amassed a huge collection so if you are missing some piece, I probably have it at the store. I like the animals for instant collections on display all year long...especially the sheep!