Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Piles and Piles and Piles of Christmas

So, I have a basement from hell that is full of vintage stuff...especially Christmas! My friends all beg to go down there but it looks like one of those places on "Hoarders"!! I'm so embarrassed but not enough to spend quality time cleaning it up.  Maybe someday.... Anyway, I have taken at least 10 plastic containers of Christmas to the shop and Monticello. (Monticello's Christmas Show is coming up and we are in it! Check it out here )  Then you too can get a small glimpse of my basement!  Yes, I have about 10 more boxes of vintage Christmas down there but unfortunately it isn't in's in piles and piles and piles.  It's my way of creating more expensive Christmas stuff because I'm always tripping over stuff and breaking it..hence it becomes more collectible since there is now less of it after I trip on some.

Sonya has been busy creating beautiful things for the show.  Her famous tissue pom-poms and our signage are two of her latest creations.

She also framed this sweet picture of sheep inside a Model T Ford part.  Quite original and a true one of a kind.

Did I mention I have a "few" nativity pieces...for some reason I have amassed a huge collection so if you are missing some piece, I probably have it at the store. I like the animals for instant collections on display all year long...especially the sheep!

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Beth E-R said...

You have a fabulous Christmas stash! And good job for sharing the bounty. The sheep picture in the metal car part is to die for! Next year I am planning my schedule around the debut of the Monticello holiday show. Happy holiday wishes to you!