Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milk Paint Success

I finally painted a major piece of furniture  using French Blue milk.  It is a sweet little oak buffet I found it at a barn sale.

Here is a picture of the buffet before.. That is before gluing and sanding.  I sanded the piece because the finish was coming off from having been stored in a barn for years.

This is after the first coat of milk paint which took all of 10 minutes to complete.

And here is the final result after the second coat and waxing with "Good old brown wax"  by the same company as our milk paint..The Real Milk Paint Company".  I think it turned out gorgeous and the wax gave it a nice finish while adding a lot of depth to the color.  I must say I am quite proud of myself and amazed at how easy it was.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monticello Antiques Fall Show

We are currently participating at Monticello Antiques in Portland.  You can visit their blog by clicking on the link
We are honored to be invited to participate in their fall show and it is a fun way to showcase our style.  The month long event is one of the premier shows in the Portland area. 

The bookshelf above was painted using The Real Milk Paint which we carry at the shop.  Sonya has been busy experimenting with it on lots of projects. 

Here's an overview of the space.  We had the geese and I recently came upon a huge cache of blue mason jars so we did a little vignette using both.  Notice the rusty bike hanging from the ceiling.  We had a lot of fun setting up the show.

With Halloween coming up we sprinkled some of the decorations from the shop in with the autumn decor.

We have another shipment of bats on the way too!!