Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gotta Love That Chalk Paint !

I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about chalk paint (not chalkboard paint) on internet and mostly Miss Mustard Seed and Maison Douce. I got pretty curious about it and Isabel was kind enough to share Phyllis deVries of Moonstone Designs in Portland who carries Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Well, I just had to have it that minute so called Phyllis and I was there in an hour (and I live an hour away). She showed me some of her projects and gave me lots of information on how to use it. So I purchased Old White and Duck Egg Blue -- it's pretty pricey so it was wierd to pay that much for two quarts of paint since I am ever the frugal one and get most of my paint from the "oops" section at Miller Paint for $2.00 a quart. So, I raced home anxious to try out my new paint and on my way home I totaled (sob) my beloved 1998 Honda (wasn't my fault for once). So, the car thing has been a huge hassle but I started painting projects as soon as I got home (right after my car was towed away).

This is white paint added to the wax and applied over the blue. Don't like the results? You can paint again over the wax! You can also thin the wax with mineral spirits.

Duck Egg Blue table bottom finished with white wax. Top is diluted Old White. Round table is one coat of Old White.

Close-up of table top - 50-50 diluted white paint and thinned clear wax.

This oak file drawer was pretty cruddy looking so I did the limed look technique. Very easy and fun to do. The piece does need to be stripped open grain wood. This is just diluted paint, let dry, and then wipe with a damp sponge to remove paint. However, removing the paint should be done shortly after it has dried. This is very durable paint and if you wait too long after it dries, it really can't be wiped back.

Some little drawers I had in my pile which I painted with diluted paint (about 50-50) and wiped back some of the paint (no sanding). The paint can be left with the beautiful matte finish or finished with wax. There are so many great techniques with wax that I never would have thought of and I have been finishing with wax for a long time. Annie Sloans chalk paint is pretty expensive but is considered to be the best paint on the market, eliminates priming, can be used on most surfaces, is very durable, great colors and so fun to use.