Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lots of Fun Furniture and New Stuff Too!

We continue to bring in new furniture and here is a sampling of what's "in store" for you at the shop right now...

How about this cute little settee.  We think it would be darling in a bedroom sitting area.  How about curling up on this sweetie and reading a book?   It is only $125!!

Then there is this nice oak drop front desk/bookcase....pretty, small, a great place to do your book work at home.  Just close it up and you don't have to look at the mess!  It's very useful with the cubbies on the inside for storing stamps, envelopes, and those pesky bills.  Then you can even display some special things with the books on the shelfs below..It's only $95!

If you like the cottage style, here is a darling dresser.  It is a little shabby chic and absolutely cute!

This interesting cabinet has a top that lifts up to access the display area below and then the glass front also slides up.  Keep the dust off of your collectibles and then store your books below.

How about an old wind up record player?  The sound is fun (we even have some old 78s) and just think of all the exercise you'll get while you listen to some old favorites!  It also has great storage.

Also, we have been busy shopping and have lots and lots and lots of new smalls...Did I say "lots"???  Oh my goodness.....we are busy, busy, busy trying to get it all priced and out so everytime you come in we promise there will be oodles of fun stuff.  We have gone a little nuts but it sure is fun!

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hash1712 said...

Nice furniture, and good prices. I wish I lived in the area, or you were in the Midwest.