Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Browse Around

The shop is full of great items. Here is a chance to browse around the whole shop online. Garden greats you at the door. During Christmas we placed Christmas balls in the pond. We are looking forward to spring so we can float real flowers in the water!

I love this couple...they are figures for bonsai. How about some indoor gardening?

This little doll is a clothes brush and the book is "A Warning to Lovers." I wonder what the warning is? The inside of the book is beautiful.

A doll head in the nest? Does she have spring on her mind? A little birdie is telling her a secret.

We have preserved the sound of the waves under glass. The beach is a little too stormy for me right now but I do look forward to hearing the crash of the waves.

The weather we are having is perfect for the ducks. This guy reminds us of that for sure!

Our metal items are fully stocked and a little secret: the reverse side of this sign says "Go Away" so depending on your mood you can display it prominently.

Here is an overview of the north wall of the store....

down the hall.....
past the garden arbor with the fish out of water sitting on the bench...

past the linen section...

and into the back room.

We have a lot of pictures and metal signs, both old and new...

and a wonderful farmer's table to sit at while you take it all in.

And the metal items are fully stocked too. Lots of hooks, door knockers, and brackets.

The garden baskets could be used to store towels in the bathroom or fill with moss and ornaments until spring rolls around.

Start dreaming about gardening and set up a great bird house for your outdoor buddies.

Old letters with wonderful script would be fun to use in scrapbooking.

We have lots of cute ephemera for collages or old rubber stamps for spelling out your name.

We look forward to seeing you at the shop real soon. The inventory continues to fill it up with new things every time we open the doors.


Sammy Girl said...

Now that everything is moved into the shop, there is a SYMPHONY OF WONDERFUL STUFF! I am going to have to head your direction one day to see what treasures need to come home with me. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Hugs --
Betty :)

Anonymous said...

I miss your space at STARS but I see its even better where you are now.
I'll definately be by soon