Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Filled to the brim and then some

The store is about to bust out!! I say more is never enough and Sonya says, "Enough already!!" We have garden, kitchen, bedroom, baby, ephemera, books, cute crafty stuff and stuff for making your own cute crafty stuff. I love ephemera and books but don't have the time to make the cute stuff that I see so you are welcome to come and browse. We try to keep the prices very reasonable so that we can keep buying and you can keep crafting. Come see the paper crafts Sonya has created and get inspired! Also, we are going to the Barnhouse sale on Saturday (early so we can be back to open the shop on time) and get some inspiration ourselves! Maybe we'll see you there if you get up early? We plan on leaving some of our flyers there so you can find your way to our shop.

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